About Us



Nadeem Surgical Corporation Pvt Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality surgical and dental instruments and manicure implements since 1978.


Nadeem Surgical’s manufacturing protocols, developed and perfected over two generations ensure that our customers receive only the best quality instruments at reasonable prices.


We at Nadeem Surgical can manufacture any of the thousands of instruments in our extensive online catalogue, with precision. We can help our customers modify existing instrument designs for better results or provide finishing services for instruments forged internationally. Whatever their requirements, potential clients can count on Nadeem Surgical Corporation Pvt Ltd as a reliable partner.








We are IS0 9001, IS0 13458 and CE mark certified, cGMP compliant and registered with the FDA and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. Currently, 100% of our instruments are exported to the United States, Japan and Scandinavia.


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Our Values:


At Nadeem Surgical Corporation Pvt Ltd we have an unflinching commitment to quality. We instead focus on providing our customers with high quality instruments at reasonable prices, giving them the best value for their money. 


At Nadeem Surgical we believe in playing fair. We follow ethical manufacturing protocols and do not compromise our responsibilities towards our employees for short term gain. We believe that progress built on integrity lasts longer.



We at Nadeem Surgical believe in getting the job done right no matter how much time and effort it takes. We believe in persevering until our customers as satisfied.


At Nadeem Surgicalwe value client relationships and have worked with the same customers for over two decades.



At Nadeem Surgical we value feedback at all levels and try hard to incorporate customer feedback into our performance.



At Nadeem Surgical we realise the importance of innovation and are open to new ideas, technology and change.